Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Kelly

“Don’t be afraid to be involved. Find places to serve that feed your soul.” – Jackie Kelly, LEAD 2015 and OI 2015

Jackie Kelly participated in LEAD 2015 and OI 2015, and serves as Supervisor of the Community Engagement Team at Central Library.

What were your biggest take aways from OI and LEAD?

I loved that OI presented us with a behind the scenes glimpse into a variety of organizations and city agencies. During LEAD, civic leaders shared real talk about what worked and what didn’t in their community engagement endeavors; even for experienced professionals there is sometimes a learning curve, and I appreciated the honesty.

What impact has your participation in OI and LEAD had on your work in the community?

OI and LEAD gave me the confidence to get involved on many different levels.

What leadership quality has been most useful in your work?

Passion. I choose to give my time and energy to organizations whose missions resonate with me.

What board, committee, or other community leadership role have you had recently that was particularly important to you?

Why did you choose to serve in that capacity? I’m involved with a group called Back on My Feet Indianapolis. Back on My Feet, a national organization operating in 12 major cities, combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. As social chair of Team Wheeler Mission, I’m part of a group who brings a sense of camaraderie to our members and makes them feel part of the larger community through monthly social activities.

What piece of advice would you offer to other community leaders?

Don’t be afraid to be involved. Find places to serve that feed your soul. Above all, take advantage of as many of the alumni events and activities offered by Leadership Indianapolis as you can.

Why I support Leadership Indianapolis: Marisol Gouveia, SKL XLI and Opportunity Indianapolis 2014

“Leadership Indianapolis is committed to our city present and future. Civic leadership is vital to the health of all communities. To have a roster of emerging and established people ready to volunteer their time and talents for the greater good benefits everyone. Great civic leaders know their community, identify common concerns and collaborate on solutions, operate with integrity and transparency, spark and facilitate discussion across groups, and ensure all voices are at the table throughout the process.”

“Investment in Leadership Indianapolis is an investment in our shared destiny, and that’s why I give.”

Marisol, thank you for your leadership and your support of Leadership Indianapolis!

If you would like to make a gift or have questions about how you can support Leadership Indianapolis, please contact Jody Dedon, Director of Advancement, at 317.860.3672 or