LEAD is a 3-session program where participants hone their collaborative leadership skills to become more effective community leaders.

Through a combination of workshops, discussions, and case studies, participants will develop skills and learn strategies related to building a team, stakeholder analysis, conflict management, and other topics focused on collaborative community leadership.

Although these skills seem to come natural to those in leadership, LEAD focuses on teaching these skills, while also emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

These skills are important for business because not only will your employees represent your company’s name when they are out working in the community, but they will also bring those skills to bear in their work life.


Program Details

  • Date: 2019 dates coming soon!
  • Time: 2019 details coming soon!
  • Location: 2019 details coming soon!
  • Cost: $1000

For more information, contact John Shertzer at jshertzer@leadershipindianapolis.com or 317.396.7464.


For Participants

LEAD is important because it teaches the professionalized, soft skills that you are oftentimes asked to use without being told how to use them.

For instance: you may be asked to chair a committee and given a task to complete, but you’re not taught that the success of the project relies on getting the committee members to work collaboratively. Some people seem to be natural at such tasks, but in truth there are skills that are used to lead a group in working together.

LEAD unpacks what those skills are, and teaches you how to use them in collaborative settings.