Opportunity Indianapolis


Opportunity Indianapolis is a two-day crash course in the issues facing the greater Indianapolis community — such as issues in education, the arts, public safety the issues, and the people working on them. And the program is designed so that participants have the opportunity to have meaningful dialogues with the various speakers about each of the issues.

The OI experience isn’t just designed for participants. For businesses that are increasingly investing in a mobile workforce, Opportunity Indianapolis helps employees understand how the work they are doing fits into the larger Indianapolis community.

The program’s design creates a connective tissue that helps employees find meaning in both the work they do and the community leadership they may get involved with.


For Participants

 People often say they are inspired and energized by Opportunity Indianapolis as they learn things about the city that they didn’t know before. It creates a connective tissue between the various interests in the city. And they see how they can make a difference.

This is great for people who have just moved to Indianapolis as well as those who have more time to get involved in the community but don’t know where to start.

And since the program has fifty participants in each session, people who go through the program leave with a big network of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference.